asphalt rubber blend

A blend of crumb rubber modifier (CRM) (finely processed to a No. 16 to No. 30 mesh gradation) and asphalt cement, which is utilized as the binder in various types of pavement rehabilitation and construction procedures. The CRM percentage can range from 15 to 26 percent CRM by weight of the asphalt cement depending on the specified application. The CRM and asphalt cement are blended at elevated temperatures to promote the chemical and physical bonding of the two constituents. Various petroleum distillates or extender oils may be added to the blend to reduce viscosity, increase spray-ability and promote workability. The blend can be used as the binder in chip seals, cape seal applications, pond linings, or gap and open graded hot mix. When used as a binder in hot mix applications, the aggregate gradations and the quality of the aggregate need to conform to industry approved specifications