Process of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Recycling

The plant supplied from TIRES S.p.A. will be realized taking into account both of technologies existing today to the automation level and of the easy efficiency, with whom the plant can be led.
The plant is composed of five main working phases, with whom you obtain the full grinding of WEEE:
  1. Manual phase of elimination of toner and electrical cable.
  2. Automatic phase of opening of small household appliances.
  3. Manual phase of selection of separated product: electronic cards, transformers, motors, etc.
  4. Automatic phase of refining to a size of 30x30 mm.
  5. Automatic phase of separation of ferrous and non ferrous metals, plastics, elastomers and aggregates.
From the manufacturing, you will obtain the following separations:
  • Plastic material with a granulometry of 10 mm.
  • Non ferrous material, copper, aluminium.
  • Ferrous material.
  • Electronic printed circuit.
  • Electrical transformer and electrical operations.
  • Worn-out toners of printers.
WEEE recovery process WEEE recovery process WEEE recovery process WEEE recovery process