1. Every year millions of used tyres from cars, lorries and tractors are dumped, they are set aside in all places causing serious dangers to the environment. Worn out tyres, are the cause of considerable toxic and noxious damage to the environment, representing such a big handicap for the defense of mankind.

  2. In the past, used tyres and discarded rubber of all kinds, were abandoned or unloaded in dumps or burnt causing environmental pollution.

  3. TIRES SPA is one of the leading companies in the world, in the construction and supply of plants for the recycling of out of use tyres and the transformation of rubber into granules and powder of multitudinous granulometrie, that come about separating the harmonic steel and the textile fibre, elements of the same structure as the tyre.

  4. To safeguard this growing and problematic situation of environmental pollution, the TIRES SPA plants foresee several phases of elimination of noxious elements, such as dust, water and noise, dispersed into the atmosphere. In fact, in more than one workstation, the plants provide apparatus with a sought-after procedure criteria, that guarantee a percentage of dispertion in the atmosphere of noxious elements very much below that prescribed by law.

  5. TIRES SPA is in possess of the most efficient and sought-after technology for recycling and have brought indicative contributions for the defence of the environment, succeeding in putting an end to the contamination of the habitat itself: a success that isn’t destinated to wane.

  6. Today it is possible, through the Know-how of TIRES SPA, not only to reduce the dangerousness of worn out tyres but obtain at the same time, real advantages from the process of recycling, up to the point to attribute to the same worn out tyres the synonym of “Economic Resource”.

  7. The Know-how of TIRES SPA is innovatory and technologically advanced, it is based on a purely mechanical processing of the tyres.

  8. With the years the organization of the company has developed to a world level: TIRES SPA work in Europe, South Africa, North America, South America, East and in the Middle East acting as leader in the supply of plants.

  9. TIRES SPA offer consulting services, feasibility studies, layout, basic detailed engineering and supply, the assembling and management of plants key in hand, immediately productive.

  10. TIRES SPA occupy a leader position in the industry of recycling rubber and in the development of technology for the reuse of recycled materials in the subsequent industrial processing.

  11. TIRES SPA is specialized, for ten years, in the construction of plants for recycling tyres, a goal reached through high technological studies and with important yearly investments for the progress of Know-how.

  12. The high costs and the increasing limited supply of natural rubber open up the market for the use of recycled rubber granules and powder. The difference, between the cost and the limited supply of vergin rubber on one side is the increased demand on the other, showing the high potencial of the margin of development for new plants.

  13. The forecast of a strong and continous demand of rubber, indicates the florid economic condition of the rubber industry, but also points out the pressing necessity to resolve the ecological problem of disposal with a yearly rate of refuse of used tyres that grows at the same pace of the new production.

  14. The success of TIRES SPA is known:

    • for the ecological recycling procedure and innovation, that don’t in any way modify the conditions of the environment, but do all they can with innovated technigues and mechanics to make the environment more livable away from every form of environmental pollution;

    • for the low energy consumption and the easy maintainece of one’s plant;

    • for the computerized control of the whole process;

    • as well as the economically profitable production of rubber granules and powder of various granulometrie;

    • and lastly for the costant quality of the final product without molecular alteration of the rubber itself.

  15. The ample use of granules and powder realized by the plants of TIRES SPA, are used in the mechanic and motor sectors, in fashion, in road surfaces and in airports, in large receptive environments and furthermore in sport and livestock breeding sectors, in antishock surfaces in public parks, in the building trade, etc. etc.