Recycling Plants

tires recycling plants

TIRES SPA is in possess of the most efficient and sought-after technology for recycling and have brought indicative contributions for the defence of the environment.

Plant description

Steel bead heel extraction phase

The steel bead hell extraction of the truck pneumatic is a fundamental phase, before of its entry in the automatized plant. The machine is principally constituted of two oil-dynamic pistons, which opposed do the extraction from the rim zone of two toroidal rings. These are composed of harmonic steel filaments with a thickness of 1.5/2.5 mm that make a bead with an apparent diameter of 20 mm. Upon the machine has been installed an equipment to avert the break of the garter spring; a precaution planned and realized from TIRES SpA , which put an end to a serious working problem. Actually, the common stallonators suffer the break of the garter spring with a frequency of 1/5, without assuring productivity of the machine and making impossible the final steel bead heel extraction of the tyre. The machine has automation through PLC with joystick push-button board, which control simultaneously all the working parameters, assuring the total success.

Technical characteristics
Machine dimensions: 8500x2000x2200
Installed power: 15 kw 400v 50 Hz
Machine weight: 2500 kg
Hydraulic capacity: 200 lt

pfu bead steel clean pfu bead pile steel pfu bead working earth moving pfu bead pneumatic

Shredder phase

Our plant owns two oil-dynamic rotors triturating for the automatic pre-working. The two machines are installed with a closed circuit through a screening system, from which comes a minimum size of 60x60 mm with a medium hour production of 2500 kg/h. On the machines are installed interchangeable blades and that you can sharpen of nickel material, thermally treated, which assures a long working period. The oil-dynamic working keeps in perfect conditions all the rotation group, besides to give energy saving during the surging of the load. The whole is managed by a automatic board, which controls all the working parameters, assuring productive yield and constant final quality. Today, it is surely the most reliable working system both under the energy side and under the side of the safety.

Technical characteristics
Machine dimensions: 3200x1200x3100
Hydraulic centrals capacity: 300 l each one
Installed power: 150 kw

pfu shredding shredded 50x70 pfu phase shredding pfu phase shredding pfu phase shredding pfu phase shredding pfu phase shredding

Granulating phase

The machine has been built considering the smallest details and working criterions. Besides obtaining the patent on year 2000, it has an excellent reliability since several years, in our realized plants. The granulating phase is made by a mono-rotor granulator, having a selection grate into the cutting chamber. The most important characteristics are a grate working on 180º of the rotor and the double cutting system, which increase the productivity of the machine. At the moment, it is the only granulator for tyre granules, which has a grate with a such radius with an oil-dynamic extraction system, compared to 120º up till now reached. Thanks to the experience gained since years, few modification were made to the cutting group giving to eliminate or to decrease the wear found till 20.000 working hours. The task of this machine is to decrease the entering granules size to a granulometry less than 15 mm, getting a production higher than 2000 kg/h. During the process, the partial textile fibres and the steel filaments addressed to a magnetic and separation tyre system, are mechanically divided. The machine is completely monitored by PLC sensors and logic for the productivity and security management, assuring the dynamic working equilibrium.

Technical characteristics
Machine dimensions: 3200x3600x3800 mm
Installed power: 160 kw
Water cooling system capacity: 120 l

pfu granulation grain pneumatic pfu granulation grain pneumatic pfu granulation grain pneumatic pfu granulation grain pneumatic pfu granulation grain pneumatic pfu granulation grain pneumatic

Refining phase

In this phase, it is developed the work establishing the quality of the first finished product. Since years, monitoring the scenery of the granules, we have realized a textile cutting and separation system, which find the largest international market. The mechanic has been treated in the details assuring a long duration, today higher than 30.000 working hours. The machine is able to get mixed granules of truck and car, or single type with a diameter smaller than 15/18 mm and to make the textile fibres grinding and separation according to the utilized grate. The productivity changes according to the installed grate and in particular, according to the diameter of the drilling like in the following table:
hole grate 3 mm = production about 700 kg/h;
hole grate 4 mm = production about 900 kg/h;
hole grate 5 mm = production about 1.100 kg/h.
The cleanness degree of the textile fibre is influenced from the granulometry of the granule; smaller is the hole grate, bigger is the cleanness of the textile fibre. On the plant, we have increased the production chain with machines projected by us, which allow the removal of textile fibre plaits partially joined among them from rubber, according to the product quality you like obtaining. It allows to give granules with a size of 5 mm that are almost totally free from textile fibre, working only with car tyres too. It represents a big step in the recovery process, since the possibility of retrieving only truck tyres for the grinding free from fibre are limited.

Technical characteristics
Machine dimensions: 25000x 12000x7200 mm
Installed power: about 200 kw
Water cooling system capacity: 105 l

pfu grain refining 08-25 mm pfu phase refining pfu phase refining pfu phase refining pfu phase refining

Pulverization phase

With the pulverization plant we wanted realized a product with accurate mechanical physics characteristics. The rubber pulverization is it a matter where it needs of real methodology, it is today the most efficient and most profitable phase, both under the productive side and the economic one. The productive side because it has studied and realized after more than “120.000 tons” of experience of production; the economic side because the remuneration of the final product is really different compared to the granules. Despite of the marketing applications are fewer and more professional than the market of the granules, the applications in the future surely will stand out it because of the lack of raw material in the compound industry. Our pulverization plant was patented in the year 2000 and has an excellent reliability. All the working process is electronically controlled by programmed automation, so that quality and productivity are constant. The principle is based on a controlled environmental mechanical working, where rubber granules are cutting in a very short split time, in a granulometry inferior to 400 micron. The characteristic of the obtained product is to have a granulometry curve and a superficial that make it applicable in several application sectors. Such a working type is possible by changing of the disaggregation system in the time, in cooperation with the biggest company of the reuse sector.

Technical characteristics
Machine dimensions: 2000x1100x1300
Installed power: 90 kw
Cooling system: 60 l

pfu powder dust 0-400 micron pfu phase spraying