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Work in progress for Ucraine!

TIRES S.p.A. in June will start the installation of a system of granulation of an operator over a decade Ukrainian. The technology chosen for quality and reliability has been recognized as the best on the market expectation of the tire recycling currently existing in the old continent by the proud owners of the Company .. another piece TIRES made ​​in Europe.
date: 02/04/2013

New granulator GR800: the new global challenge of high efficiency!

TIRES S.p.A. launches a new challenge on the market with the construction of a new granulator with levels of energy efficiency and maintenance now impossible to achieve. In its fifteen years of market presence of the specific realization of recycling tires, TIRES SpA intends to break down the "wall" of chip production by 0-16 mm 19 kg / kw to achieve the goal of 25 kg / kw. Were studied new cutting techniques needed to increase the productive efficenze addition to a considerable saving in production costs resulting from spare parts. The machinery, already under construction, and commissioned by a client Italian, will be ready for October 2013. Another step forward in technological innovation for the recovery of materials.
date: 01/04/2013

Technological Innovation recycling tires

TIRES S.p.A. has completed a project that started in 2011 for the construction of a new concept of shredding with high energy savings. The Industrial Shredder SAURUS called TI-180 has excellent manufacturing performance. The productivity of the first step is over 570 kg / kw achieving energy savings of over 70% compared to conventional models. The machine (now sold) You can see it is in our production facility until the date of 30 March 2013. A new technological breakthrough "made in TIRES."
date: 18/02/2013

Technological challenge PFU recycling plant

Today we signed a new contract for the provision of a tire recycling plant on an existing operator. The plant supplied previously offered only 30% of production declared by the previous manufacturer with long interruption of operation due to breakage conditions. TIRES S.p.A. provide about 2/3 of new plant in order to bring the productivity of the operability of at least 12,000 tons / year. Due to availability of new machinery, the plant will be installed for third by the end of January 2012 and the remaining within the first ten days of March 2012. This will be the beginning of the industrial revolution in the theme of recycling of used tires today in Italian Legislative Decree post, in which the TIRES SpA will have its role to ensure high quality production at the lowest cost.
date: 10/11/2011

The Performance of TIRES's plants

After more than 12 years of working in the field of recycling tires, TIRES SpA with objective data can boast the actual productivity of their systems installed. The plants commissioned and installed more than five years shall enjoy the following factors: Example plant Base Production capacity declared 8,900 tons / year: 9,500 tonnes a year resulting. Maintenance costs reduced to 65% compared to the stated = 0.0089 E / kg energy costs for processing into granules and powders between 0 and 3.2 mm: 0.210 KW / Kg = 0.025 Euro / kg. Personnel costs of production including only two people needed to turn = 0.017 Euro / kg. Output material remaining in stock. Polverini: 0.1% Granules: 0.7% Steel: 0.4% Textile fibers: 0.1% Note the huge performance in the sales TIRES which a plant can be placed as outgoing product quality.
date: 09/06/2011

TIRES S.p.A. new coating equipment tires

Is in the process of building a new plant spraying tires that will be able to produce particle sizes of 10-300 microns starting from granules with section 1-4 mm. The only proven technology in the world that can achieve these particle sizes alone machining.
date: 08/04/2010

Puglia TIRES concludes the work!

TIRES S.p.A. today it has signed a new contract for the sale of a tire recycling plant in Salento. With this new system the TIRES complete the work already begun with an additional customer to recycle the amount of waste tire products in the region. The plant will have work skills such as to reduce a size of 0-2.5 mm all types of commercial tires put on the market in Puglia.
date: 02/02/2010

Harmonic steel: secondary raw material

The first complete system for European recycling of used tires to be able to allocate the harmonic steel foundry directly in failing to classify as your own product but refuse Secondary Raw Material! The plant already in operation since last October 2008 enjoy those privileges already been optimized processing of 1,000 tons of steel wire. That 'a breakthrough commercial market where reuse TIRES SpA has played a key role, thanks to our cleaning module and billettatura steel filament extract ferrous foundries is accepted by many Italian and European. This result is' undoubtedly the turning point in a market for re-use of products derived from the processing of PFU;
Tires S.p.A. , the official partner of 'Environment!
date: 08/07/2009

Cleaning system harmonic steel

Thanks to our experience today and 'making available an optional facility for cleaning of the harmonic resulting from the processing of tires usati.L' installation to clean the filament reduces harmonic pollution of rubber and textile below the 1 % in weight compared to 10% common to all the grinding of tires today esistenti.Grazie to this technological innovation will be allowed to be able to confer the harmonic steel from recovery tires directly in foundries according to regulations vigenti.L 'system can be connected in line with the extraction of metals ensuring a cleaning time of 500/700 Kg / h.La installed capacity of this plant and 'of 23 kW with a low degree of wear 0.015 Euro / kg.
date: 29/12/2008

System recovery WEEE

Today is available solution to the recovery of waste elettrronici called RAEE. R4 TIRES SpA has developed a know-how for the recovery of such waste in line separating the different products which 'costituito.Dalla processing you get the following separations: Plastic material with a grain size 12mm; Non-ferrous material Copper Aluminium; Ferrous material; Printed Circuit Boards; Electric Transformers; Toner cartridges.
A impegnom for the environment to which the TIRES can not miss!
date: 22/12/2008

Recovery system used tires

Today the rejection and 'considered one of the most urgent problems to be solved. TIRES SPA has the solution for the recycling of the tire with the easy execution of a complex system of shredding used tires that guarantees the recovery of the raw material rubber, steel wire, fiber tessile.Il used tire is not 'then no longer considered waste but secondary raw material on which the entire planet can hope for the replacement of elastomeric virgin raw materials. The technologically advanced, 'was designed in order to consider zero emissions into the atmosphere by using a fully working principle meccanico.L' used tire recycling plant ensures the recovery of recycled rubber for many different application areas thus giving a valid contribution to the environment. Recover used tires by car, truck, tractor, earth moving and not 'no longer considered an unsolvable problem!
date: 01/09/2008

Shanghai new headquarters

TIRES Spa exports its patented technology in China.
date: 31/08/2008