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Synthetic carpets disposal plant

Synthetic carpets disposal plant

Since the year 2001, got under way exponentially the using of artificial grass carpets for sports recreational structures. With the passing of the years, the industrial technologies for the building of carpets, have developed up to bring the sports sector to a radical change. The support of the Italian National League of Amateur and the requests of the sports companies to obtain more efficiency on the soccer fields, have contributed to the realization of a lot of artificial sport plants. Italy has been one of the first European nations to install this new methodology but today the use is worldwide. Everyone know by now the benefits that the artificial carpets have, but nobody has thought of finding a 100% ecological solution at the end of their using. Synthetic carpets, has been tested in laboratory for a life between eight and ten years, because the wear caused by the stamping and by the atmospheric agents, bring a constant degradation in the years. This fact is well-known to all the people interested in the sector, from the builder of carpets, to LND, to the subordinate suppliers of the products of which it is composed. TIRES SpA cares about to solve the disposal of the material which the synthetic carpets are made of, both like to realize an ecological plant and how to reuse the product coming from them.

Technical characteristics of a sport facility with synthetic carpet

The realization of a synthetic carpet is composed of several product that are combined according to a logic ordered by LND and by FIFA.
The realization possibilities are manifold under the terms of background, of synthetic grass height, type of used product for the cloging.
Some examples of synthetic grass fields are the following:

  • Synthetic grass carpet/Sand
  • Synthetic grass carpet/Recycled rubber
  • Synthetic grass carpet/Thermo-plastic rubber (TPU)
  • Synthetic grass carpet, Sand, Recycled rubber of tyres (SBR,NR)
  • Synthetic grass carpet, Sand, EPDM recycled rubber
  • Synthetic grass carpet, Sand, Thermo-plastic (TPU)
  • Synthetic grass carpet, Sand, Technical recycled rubber (SBR)
  • Synthetic grass carpet, Sand, natural clog in vegetable fibre/Painted rubber*
  • Synthetic grass carpet, Sand, Thermo-plastic/Cork
  • Synthetic grass carpet, Sand, Painted rubber*
*Painted rubber=SBR/NR/EPDM recycled rubber subjected to colouring superficial treatment with polyurethane resins.
Synthetic grass Going on the particular, on can better understand the big ecological problem that will come from it, in the next years.
On a regular sport field are present the following quantities of product:
  • Synthetic grass carpet 8064 m², apparent weight of 32000 Kg.
  • Spheroidal siliceous sand for clogging on all the surface: 80000 kg.
  • SBR/NR/EPDM painted or not recycled rubber: 80000/120000 Kg.
At the moment, since 2001/2002 about 120 sport fields, sanctioned by LND have been realized every year, besides the realization of innumerable five-a-side and eight-a-side fields bought from the companies for the recreational play.

Scheduled dismantling phase

To better optimize the times of taking away of the constructive complex of a synthetic carpet, it will need do some cuts on it with a distance of 2 m.
The length for the transverse cut will be done with a distance of 8 m.
Such measurements cab be different, but of sure they will result the most flexible even for movement and transport phases.
After cutting the carpet will be enough to wrap it on itself through a coiler put on a appropriate towing means or simply bending on itself to stretch of 2 m².
In this way, it will encompass the product for clogging.
It will involve a high taking away speed of the carpet, without to have to traditionally suck out all the product that contains.
Doing this operation, rolls will have only to be loaded on normal means of transport, through the use of lift truck or hydraulic cranes; to address them to the treatment plant.

Products derived Grass turf recycling

products derived grass turf recycling

products derivatives latex pvc cardos yarn

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