Coloring plant for rubber granules (green crumb Tyres)

The use of recycled granule and powder has several application sectors.
But in the last years, the consume of rubber recycled products has taken the upper hand in the employment for fields of synthetic grass.
Since the year 2000, it has been undertaken more and more advanced innovations for the granules production, which make them to have perfect requirement, both granulometric and elastomeric.
No less, it has been the innovation in the colouring of the granule called in Italian “nobilitatura” (painting). It consists of a chemical process where the granule is covered from a special coat of colour, making to it take several type of colour.
It is a very important and appreciated goal, even from other sectors of the employment of the recycled rubber granules, which has given to the secondary raw material coming from the used tyres grinding, the synonym of “end product”.
Thanks to our experience, both productive and of machines building, we are able to offer semiautomatic and automatic solutions for the rubber granules colouring, up to modular productions of 1200 kg/h, assuring the greatest operating reliability.
The installed electrical power is of 20 kW, without wear and maintenance.

Coloring plant for rubber granules mixer   Coloring plant for rubber granules granules 2.5