Introduction cleaning plant for steel wire

Tyres recycling, for many, means to separate the parts of which they are composed.
If from a point of view it can be read like that, of sure the quality control measure cannot be ignored, to make re-usable the several materials.
Among the several separated material, we examine the harmonic steel extract from the tyre working.
This is a process done with the aim to limit the blades wear of the principal machines, but it involves a ecological problem due to the disposal of the iron filament.
An extraction of the iron filament to granulometry of 20 mm involves for example, a presence of rubber in weight of 15%, but with a granulometry of 18 mm of 10% and of 16 mm of 7%.
These are indicative data which move slightly away from any design reality because it comes from the weaving of the carcass.
TIRES S.p.A. puts right a cleaning and packing revolutionary system of the product, directly connectable to the line for an automatic working cycle.
The system guarantees a very good resistance to the wear and a low energy consumption, considering the low quotations that you can obtain on a poor recycled products.
With the plant from us proposed, you can have the reduction of the percentage of 15% of weight, in the extreme case of 3% without physical alteration of the filament, further made in billets for a fast access to the foundry.
Like this, you will immediately obtain a fast receptivity in the national territory, without using different expedients like to export the product abroad in an expensive way.
The plant can guarantee an hourly cleaning of 500/700 kg/h.
The installed power on a such plant is of 23 kw + 26 kw, with a very low degree of wear of 0.020 Euro/kg.

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