Granulating phase


The machine has been built considering the smallest details and working criterions. Besides obtaining the patent on year 2000, it has an excellent reliability since several years, in our realized plants.
The granulating phase is made by a mono-rotor granulator, having a selection grate into the cutting chamber. The most important characteristics are a grate working on 180º of the rotor and the double cutting system, which increase the productivity of the machine.
At the moment, it is the only granulator for tyre granules, which has a grate with a such radius with an oil-dynamic extraction system, compared to 120º up till now reached.
Thanks to the experience gained since years, few modification were made to the cutting group giving to eliminate or to decrease the wear found till 20.000 working hours.
The task of this machine is to decrease the entering granules size to a granulometry less than 15 mm, getting a production higher than 2000 kg/h.
During the process, the partial textile fibres and the steel filaments addressed to a magnetic and separation tyre system, are mechanically divided.
The machine is completely monitored by PLC sensors and logic for the productivity and security management, assuring the dynamic working equilibrium.

Technical characteristics

Machine dimensions: 3200x3600x3800 mm.
Installed power: 160 kw.
Water cooling system capacity: 120 l.

granulo pneumatico pfu fase granulazione 01 pfu fase granulazione 02 pfu fase granulazione 03 pfu fase granulazione 04 pfu fase granulazione 05