Recycled material application fields.

Today the solutions for the rubber granules and powder use are lot and they are directly ruled by the Ministry of Environment.
Below, we give indications for that use, which at the moment are in force in the Italian Official Gazette:

Definition of recycled material.

Material realized using rubbish comes from the recovery activity of several rubber articles, in the weight limits forced from the technologies employed for the production of the same material.
Recycled rubber materials admitted to the inscription in the recycling index.
It is to insert, like an example and in a not exhausting way, in the list of the recycled materials, inside the recycling index:
  • 1) Homogeneous elastomeric polymers composed of : SBR, NR, BR, IR, CR, CIIR, CSM, EPDM, rubber of silicon, rubber of fluoride, etc..
  • 2) Heterogeneous vulcanized elastomeric polymers composed of: heterogeneous materials formed from different polymer matrixes.
  • 3) Composite materials elastomeric and thermoplastic polymers-based (rubber and plastic mixtures).
  • 4) Modified bitumen with rubber powder (wet technique).
  • 5) Bituminous mix with rubber granule (dry technique).
  • 6) Mixes of cement modified with rubber granule.
  • 7) Mortars and premixeds with rubber powder and granule.
  • 8) Premixeds of rubber powder and/or granule with other polymers and/or inerts.
  • 9) Gummy mixes of resin of granule and/or powder and polyurethan, polymeric binders and/or other binders.
In these materials, from the point 1 to 9, the polymeric/elastomeric component (rubbish comes from consume) can be present in the form of powder, granules, chips, grinded, mixtures, scratching, etc.
Utilization fields of the recycled materials.
Building, urban furnishing, road and tram infrastructure, sport complexes, equipment and structures for playing, floors for indoors and outdoors, materials for gardening like rubber mulch, products for building, harbour infrastructure, several industrial products, products for agriculture, products for works of civil engineering.

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