Steel bead heel extraction phase


The steel bead hell extraction of the truck pneumatic is a fundamental phase, before of its entry in the automatized plant.
The machine is principally constituted of two oil-dynamic pistons, which opposed do the extraction from the rim zone of two toroidal rings.
These are composed of harmonic steel filaments with a thickness of 1.5/2.5 mm that make a bead with an apparent diameter of 20 mm.
Upon the machine has been installed an equipment to avert the break of the garter spring; a precaution planned and realized from TIRES SpA , which put an end to a serious working problem.
Actually, the common stallonators suffer the break of the garter spring with a frequency of 1/5, without assuring productivity of the machine and making impossible the final steel bead heel extraction of the tyre.
The machine has automation through PLC with joystick push-button board, which control simultaneously all the working parameters, assuring the total success.

Technical characteristics

Machine dimensions: 8500x2000x2200
Installed power: 15 kw 400v 50 Hz
Machine weight: 2500 kg
Hydraulic capacity: 200 lt

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