Pulverization phase


With the pulverization plant we wanted realized a product with accurate mechanical physics characteristics. The rubber pulverization is it a matter where it needs of real methodology, it is today the most efficient and most profitable phase, both under the productive side and the economic one.
The productive side because it has studied and realized after more than “120.000 tons” of experience of production; the economic side because the remuneration of the final product is really different compared to the granules.
Despite of the marketing applications are fewer and more professional than the market of the granules, the applications in the future surely will stand out it because of the lack of raw material in the compound industry. Our pulverization plant was patented in the year 2000 and has an excellent reliability.
All the working process is electronically controlled by programmed automation, so that quality and productivity are constant.
The principle is based on a controlled environmental mechanical working, where rubber granules are cutting in a very short split time, in a granulometry inferior to 400 micron.
The characteristic of the obtained product is to have a granulometry curve and a superficial that make it applicable in several application sectors. Such a working type is possible by changing of the disaggregation system in the time, in cooperation with the biggest company of the reuse sector.

Technical characteristics

Machine dimensions: 2000x1100x1300.
Installed power: 90 kw.
Cooling system: 60 l.

polverino 0-400 micron pfu fase polverizzazione 01