Refining phase

In this phase, it is developed the work establishing the quality of the first finished product. Since years, monitoring the scenery of the granules, we have realized a textile cutting and separation system, which find the largest international market. The mechanic has been treated in the details assuring a long duration, today higher than 30.000 working hours. The machine is able to get mixed granules of truck and car, or single type with a diameter smaller than 15/18 mm and to make the textile fibres grinding and separation according to the utilized grate. The productivity changes according to the installed grate and in particular, according to the diameter of the drilling like in the following table:
hole grate 3 mm = production about 700 kg/h;
hole grate 4 mm = production about 900 kg/h;
hole grate 5 mm = production about 1.100 kg/h.
The cleanness degree of the textile fibre is influenced from the granulometry of the granule; smaller is the hole grate, bigger is the cleanness of the textile fibre. On the plant, we have increased the production chain with machines projected by us, which allow the removal of textile fibre plaits partially joined among them from rubber, according to the product quality you like obtaining. It allows to give granules with a size of 5 mm that are almost totally free from textile fibre, working only with car tyres too. It represents a big step in the recovery process, since the possibility of retrieving only truck tyres for the grinding free from fibre are limited.

Technical characteristics
Machine dimensions: 25000x 12000x7200 mm
Installed power: about 200 kw
Water cooling system capacity: 105 l

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