Shredder phase

Our plant owns two oil-dynamic rotors triturating for the automatic pre-working. The two machines are installed with a closed circuit through a screening system, from which comes a minimum size of 60x60 mm with a medium hour production of 2500 kg/h. On the machines are installed interchangeable blades and that you can sharpen of nickel material, thermally treated, which assures a long working period. The oil-dynamic working keeps in perfect conditions all the rotation group, besides to give energy saving during the surging of the load. The whole is managed by a automatic board, which controls all the working parameters, assuring productive yield and constant final quality. Today, it is surely the most reliable working system both under the energy side and under the side of the safety.

Technical characteristics
Machine dimensions: 3200x1200x3100
Hydraulic centrals capacity: 300 l each one
Installed power: 150 kw

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